Tuesday, December 13, 2011


Today I exercised my right to free speech. 
I signed the recall petition for Governor Scott Walker. 
Never in my life have I supported recall efforts in the past;  in general, I think they're a waste of taxpayer dollars.  Not this time.
Central Wisconsin is reeling after the elimination of more than 1,000 well-paying jobs announced within the past week alone.  Naysayers mention the 1,000 jobs on RelyLocal Wausau that are available.  It's easy to point to those low paying jobs when you're employed, or have never been subject to layoff, as I have been.  I spent over a year without work, and went from making $50K a year to less than half that.  These workers will be forced to make the same sacrifices, which all trickles down to even the smallest shops and businesses when there are less dollars to spend in the community.
So, Governor Walker, it would be nice if you'd deliver on that campaign promise you made of creating 250,000 new jobs, just in time for Christmas. 
Really.  We've been good all year.

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